SUSHMA Grande NXT | Customer Feedback, Reviews & Negative Reviews


We are happy to book an apartment at SUSHMA Grande NXT. We have been pleased with the transparency of operations, service, quality, price etc. They regularly send emails regarding project construction updates with photos. They are truly excellent.

Mr. Aman Sharma

I am very happy to buy a luxurious flat at SUSHMA Grande NXT as an investment for my daughter's wedding. Great location, pollution free environment and it is in close proximity to commercial establishments. All in one, it's a good investment. I coudn't have better selections than SUSHMA Group.

Mr. Kamal Negi

I booked a flat at SUSHMA Grande NXT after surveying various options. The reason I chose SUSHMA Grande NXT is due to the fact that they deliver well designed, high quality flats and fulfil all the expectations of customers what they have committed. They are trustworthy and transparent. Their team is highly consultative and well trained. I wish them all the best.

Mr. Gurpreet Singh